Stoneham Field Tent, 2008, collaboration with artist Jane Wildgoose.
Harry Willis Fleming portrait
Harry Willis Fleming (photo by Ara Howell).
R. C. Lucas as Hamlet.
R. C. Lucas, 'The entrance to my labyrinth'.
Thomas Hopper, Design for the Nelson Testimonial, 1839.
The Stoneham War Shrine, after restoration in 2011.

PhD, Middlesex University, 2017.
Henry Moore Institute Research Fellow, 2012.
MRes History (Master of Research), University of Southampton, 2011.
Dr Harry Willis Fleming's research and practice explores primarily topographical, architectural, and spatial themes within history.
Harry's recent research focus has been the nineteenth-century artist and tower-dweller R. C. Lucas (1800-1883), for which he was awarded a Henry Moore Institute Research Fellowship (2012) and a funded PhD Research Studentship at Middlesex University (2012-17). In 2017, he completed his doctoral thesis on Lucas.
Harry trained originally in Theatre Design at Wimbledon School of Art, and worked as a design consultant before taking up research. The visual and experiential remains a significant part of his practice.
He has taught on the 'Advanced Research' module of MA Spatial Cultures and MA Interiors (Architecture and Design) at Middlesex University.
Harry wrote and presented Vapourtrain (2009) for BBC Radio 3, exploring how steam railway travel transformed notions of time, space, and place.
In 2011, he was awarded a History MRes degree (Master of Research, with Distinction) from the University of Southampton for his dissertation entitled 'The Practice of Viewing the Past: Thomas Hopper (1776-1856) and the Architect's Business'.
In 2005, Harry formed the Willis Fleming Historical Trust, with which he has undertaken numerous projects, including the Heritage Lottery-funded restoration of the derelict WW1 Stoneham War Shrine in 2011.
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